Pain, discomfort and making a difference

I had been wanting to do a speech for a few years but I had always held back because it dealt with suicide and male suppressed emotions, a hard topic. There is still a bit of a taboo around the subject of suicide, no… Continue Reading “Pain, discomfort and making a difference”

I am 5 – vulnerability in the workplace

Its 5 years (23rd June) since I suffered a heart-attack. Described on my medical records as a ‘significant episode followed by a series of major complications’ over a 4 hour period my heart had to be restarted 3 times. My wife was told that… Continue Reading “I am 5 – vulnerability in the workplace”

For Johnny and Jack

The following is a speech that I proudly presented on Anzac Day, 2017.  It is a message that should be shared. Soldier, soldier At the outbreak of World War 2, Great Britain was still treating 120,000 World War 1 veterans for mental illness. The casualty… Continue Reading “For Johnny and Jack”