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Gratitude is the Beginning or Worthiness

One of the leading contributors to male depression and suicide is a sense of worthlessness which, in turn, can be generated by misconceptions around what it is to me a ‘man’. This misconception is another leading contributor to male suicide. Believing that someone would want to… Continue Reading “Gratitude is the Beginning or Worthiness”

Sam Elliot

Actor Sam Elliott was so cool and so damn tough. He had a certain look; a full head of dark hair, bushy, strong eyebrows and a big mustache. Tanned, slightly leathered skin. The characters he played were cowboys or bikers. A man of few… Continue Reading “Sam Elliot”

I wish that it didn’t have to be this way

Its surprising how many men are struggling to deal with depression, low mood, self doubt. anxiety and all that emotional stuff that we are so bad at dealing with. I talk of men because it are mostly men that I discuss these issues with. I have… Continue Reading “I wish that it didn’t have to be this way”

The Last Man

Here lies the last man The last man to climb a tree as a kid The last man to take a stupid risk The last man to pull a girl’s hair just to get her attention The last man to playfight with his brothers… Continue Reading “The Last Man”

Our Society is Toxic, not Masculinity

The term ‘Toxic Masculinity’ really sucks and its heaping more hurt upon men. I never liked it and I think that I have now come to hate it. Masculinity is not toxic, being a man does not make you toxic. What is toxic however,… Continue Reading “Our Society is Toxic, not Masculinity”