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“We think too much and feel too little …”

I really do try hard to see the good in everyone. I have to believe it to be true but as I watch the accusations being thrown around gender issues and how people seem to need to find someone to blame, someone to punish,… Continue Reading ““We think too much and feel too little …””

Who’s hurting?

Sometimes it seems that we are in a battle to prove who is hurting the most. Women are hurting more than men. Ethnic minorities are hurting. LGBT people are hurting. Religious minorities, political refugees, the poor … The only ones that are not hurting… Continue Reading “Who’s hurting?”

Beneath male anger there lies a whole lot of fear

“We are suspended, rudderless, between our long history of male privilege and the newer, more diverse masculinities emerging from decades of social and economic upheaval.” Mark Greene Over the past few weeks I have been talking to a lot of men about men’s issues.… Continue Reading “Beneath male anger there lies a whole lot of fear”

Don’t measure me

Don’t measure me by the size of my dick Don’t measure me by the strength of my anger Don’t measure me by the ferocity of my own destruction Don’t measure me by the cost or power of the car I drive The size of… Continue Reading “Don’t measure me”

Our Society is Toxic, not Masculinity

The term ‘Toxic Masculinity’ really sucks and its heaping more hurt upon men. I never liked it and I think that I have now come to hate it. Masculinity is not toxic, being a man does not make you toxic. What is toxic however,… Continue Reading “Our Society is Toxic, not Masculinity”