Have a ‘good’ day

blurred-background-festival-hands-2369217I have struggled with this post for a very long time. You see the more I discuss issues around masculinity, the more I read, write and listen. The more I  observe the feminist movement. Whether it be racism, sexism, oppression, political ideal, religion or any other cause, I have become convinced that we humans really have no idea of what we are doing. We simply do not understand human nature enough to be able to put things right without having an adverse impact on others and we probably never will.

At the very least a fight will create a new divide among us, between us. A new category of people to blame, persecute or fight for.

Worst of all because of the very human nature that we share, history has shown that the very act of taking up a cause will corrupt us.

It requires that we take on a fight that we simply must win. But to what lengths are we willing to go in order to ensure victory? How far are we willing to push the boundaries of our moral being? Are we willing to make such a sacrifice that we will willing violate our own values in the name of the cause?

What price is too great to pay?

Fighting for a cause requires that we see the bad in others. That they be wrong in order that we be right.

And what about fame?  In order to fight for our cause we must ensure that we get noticed. It is all a part of the fight. Some among us are willing to give up our privacy our personal freedoms in the name of a cause but how many of us are truly immune to the corruptions of fame?

So, if the issues are too vast for us to comprehend let alone deal with and our very nature as humans makes us almost certainly corruptible, how are we to ensure fairness for all human beings?

Goodness. Focus only on being good to all people. Focus on doing good things, small things. Understand that we are not just inherently good, that we are also inherently bad. We are corruptible and given to pride. Being good requires a constant effort to do good things, to think good thoughts. But we cannot be good to others until we agree to be good to ourselves.

Work at bringing out the human goodness in yourself and you will become good to others. They in turn will be good to you.

It is time to give up the fight. Fights are divisive. We are all humans. We have all been wronged, we have all done wrong.

Forgive yourself and have a good day. It requires just a little effort.

I wish you happiness!

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