Who’s hurting?

man sitting on railroad

Sometimes it seems that we are in a battle to prove who is hurting the most.

Women are hurting more than men. Ethnic minorities are hurting. LGBT people are hurting. Religious minorities, political refugees, the poor …

The only ones that are not hurting are those who don’t like to speak up, don’t like to complain or make a fuss. But we know that’s not true. They are hurting too.

I’ve been trying to find away of screaming out, “what about the men who are hurting?

What about the injustices that we have had to, and continue to, endure?  Not just at the hands of ‘toxic masculinity’ (I am coming to hate that term more an more), but at the hands of our toxic cultures, toxic societies, a toxic world.”

Does it matter who hurts the most?

Does this have to be a competition?

Can you not acknowledge my pain and suffering as a man?

Does my pain, my hurting diminish in anyway, your hurt? Your suffering? Your right to redress?

I care about you. Will you care about me to?

Photo by Roy Reyna on Pexels.com

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