A Truly Great Read

mask of masculinity cover

Right now, I’m reading this book by Lewis Howes and I know that you have heard it all before, but really if you are a man, woman or you’re raising boys you need to get your hands on a copy of this one.

If you are involved in organised sports: competing, coaching, organising or as a parent get yourself a copy.

I am not a book reviewer and I am not even a strong reader but this book struck a chord or two.

Sure I’m interested in these issues, they consume most of my waking thought but even if you have never thought about masculinity, yours or someone else’s, you need to do yourself a favour and get hold of this book.

Yeah, I’m not a book reviewer so you ought to just ask me about the book. Ask to borrow my copy of the book. Ask me why you should borrow my copy, whatever.

I bet that something in it will resonate with you and if somehow it doesn’t, well you need to wake-up to yourself, to whats going on, resolve to be more honest with yourself and those who matter to you and then read the book again.

If still you can’t bring yourself to read this book, get someone that matters to you to read it and then make you open up to the issues that it discusses.

When I started reading the book, I thought I was going to get away lightly. I have dealt with my Stoic Self. Sports Man, well that’s all behind me now. Aggressive Man, nope that’s not me, I have dealt with my anger, just like I have dealt with Materialist Dude and Gender Discrimination Guy.

Yeah, I was getting out of this one lightly, but now I have to read the chapters that deal with those other masculine characters that we all know: The JokerMr Invinciblity, The Know-it-all and Alpha Male.

Damn this book is about to real and uncomfortable.

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